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What We’re All About

Katya's Kloset was founded in 2021 in Charleston and has grown to become a highly recognized Clothing Boutique with a devoted clientele. We know the price and quality of our products are enough to keep people coming back, but we’re also highly committed to customer satisfaction and giving our customers a shopping experience they won’t find elsewhere.

Katy the owner was born during the Salvadoran civil war.  Her parents lived across from the hospital that was taken over by the Guerrillas.  Her mother had to walk out, with a handkerchief as a symbol of peace so she could enter the hospital to give birth. During the chaos of the war they misspelled her name from Katya to Katy (pronounced, "Kha-Tee").

At the age of two Katy moved to the United States. It became difficult to maintain her name since most made mistakes to pronounce Katy as "Kha'Tee" or and using Jeamileth her middle name was just as difficult.     Eventually the name "Katie" took place.

Katy went on to serve the US military, graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Health Administration with a concentration in Technology.  As the years went on, Katy married and had 2 sons and 1 girl; the youngest being a girl.  Immediately Katy knew she would name her daughter "KATYA" to pass on the name that was once met to be! ​

As the idea of the Boutique came to realization Katy thought it would be a great way to teach her children more about their Salvadoran roots by having a portion of the store explicitly sell handmade Salvadorian & Latin American  fashion & accessories. 

 Katy has many friends and family members in El Salvador whom are artisan craftsmen and she hopes to get the visibility of those products in Charleston and of course the US.  To add more flavor Katy has created a fusion of Los Angeles Fashion to Katya's Kloset.  

We take pride in offering our valued customers creative collections from Latin America & Los Angeles for each season. Come shop with us and understand why so many have made Katya's Kloset their favorite shopping destination.

Happy Shopping!